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The Film History Preservation Project’s
Producers Signature Series

The Film History Preservation Project is a multi part documentary series, that was inspired by the success of our multi-award winning documentary “Tough Ain’t Enough: Conversations With Albert S. Ruddy”. The series is designed to showcase Award-Winning Producers sharing their intimate oral histories of the trials, tribulations, heartbreak and joy in bringing some of the most iconic and memorable motion pictures to the screen.

The Film History Preservation Project’s Mission Statement is to preserve cinema history with its Producers Signature Series, enshrining a legacy of priceless stories, and insights that will be studied and appreciated for generations by film buffs, fans, students, preservationists and historians around the World.

We have recently completed principal photography and are in post production on the next three extraordinary documentaries in our series…“ It Just Seemed Like The Thing To Do: Conversations With Alan Ladd, Jr.” with a special appearance by Mel Brooks, “ I Guess I Got Lucky: Conversations With Mace Neufeld” and “ Making Dreams Come True”: Conversations With Mark Canton.

In addition to the insightful and entertaining stories these producers will share, these documentaries will also contain clips of the producers’ most beloved films plus dozens of rare and personal behind the scenes notes and photos.

Currently these films are planned for release in 2016.

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