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“Mel Brooks: Seriously… Well, Almost”

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Mel Brooks, the legendary producer-writer-director-actor-composer-lyricist, whose career spans over seven decades and as of 2023 is one of only 23 entertainers that are members of the elite EGOT club... the “Grand Slam” of show business, its members having won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards.

Joining Mel on this entertaining and candid look behind the scenes of his fabled career are two his long-time friends and collaborators Award-winning producers Alan Ladd, Jr. and Michael Gruskoff.

Brimming with evocative clips and nostalgic moments, “Mel Brooks: Seriously... Well, Almost” will put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye.

The Film History Preservation Project

“It’s Always About The Story”

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Sometimes Lucky Is Better Than Good”

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“Sometimes Lucky Is Better Than Good”

is currently available for streaming on Pluto and Tubi.

It’s Always About The Story”

is currently available for streaming on Tubi.

In recognition for his work on The Film History Preservation Project Isaacs was included in “Who’s Who in America” 2021 and 2022 editions.

In 2019 Isaacs was recruited by Internationally renown artist and filmmaker Annalaura di Luggo’s Annyidi Productions, based in Naples Italy, to collaborate with her company as a creative consultant. To date, their collaboration has produced two films.

In 2020 Isaacs was creative consultant on the Italian/English documentary “Napoli Eden” which qualified for Academy Award consideration.

In 2022 Isaacs was supervisor of production, 2nd unit director, and creative consultant on the Italian/ English documentary “We Are Art”, which also qualified for Academy Award consideration.

Isaacs in collaboration with Annalaura di Luggo presents:

“We Are Art”

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The documentary follows Annalaura as she undertakes her most artistic creative challenge, “Colloculi”, an immersive, multimedia interactive art installation created to stimulate a spiritual awareness of the value of every human being… no matter who they are or what misfortune they may have faced in life.

The artwork was constructed in the shape of a Giant Eye made of recycled aluminum, recycling symbolizing environmental rebirth.

We Are Art was filmed on location in Naples Italy and documents the creative process which began with Annalaura interviewing dozens of young adults who shared their personal accounts about how they overcame adversities such as bullying, racial discrimination, blindness, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual discrimination and crime.

Once Annalaura chose the final 4 protagonists their intimate revelations were transformed through Annalaura’s artistic interpretation by blending their stories with the language of photography, digital video art, sound design, sensory interaction and experimental cinema.

The completed narrative was then integrated into the Giant Eye and is projected through the Pupil allowing the viewer in the gallery, through virtual technology, to actually interact and become part of the installation.

Thus, with each individual viewing “Colloculi” undergoes transformation as the artist, the art and its protagonists and the viewer become one… We Are Art.

Isaacs and di Luggo previously colaborated on “Naploi Eden”

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