Isaacs is an award-winning filmmaker, preservationist and educator. He is the founder and CEO of 100% Entertainment, LLC. (, an independent production and development company and The Film History Preservation Project, (, a multi-award winning documentary series devoted to legendary film producers. The Mission Statement of the FHPP is to preserve cinema history by enshrining a legacy of priceless stories and insights that will be studied and appreciated for generations, by film buffs, fans, students, preservationists and historians around the World.

Over his four-decade career, Isaacs has written, produced and directed a wide range of film and television projects. He has overseen multi-million dollar budgets, spearheaded staffs in excess of seventy-five people, and also held the title of Head of Literary for David Shapira and Associates.

Isaacs has conducted screenwriting and film production workshops at film festivals around the world and has a strong commitment to education.

His accomplishments also include: being a Special Advisor and Member of the Board of The Niagara Falls International Film Festival, Keynote Speaker at “The Magic of Books”… Celebrate Literacy Seminar held at the University of Southern Mississippi Campus, Guest Instructor at the National Association of Latino Independent Producers, Master Class Lecturer at The Korean Film Council/Korean Academy of Film Arts Festival, Seoul Korea, being a volunteer Big Brother for a dozen years and serving as a Mentor to Middle School children for four semesters at Spark LA, a mentoring program that works in conjunction with The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In recognition of his work on The Film History Preservation Project, Isaacs has been selected to be included in the 2021 and 2022 volumes of Who’s Who In America.

Isaacs is also currently serving as “Honorary President” of the Film Theatre Academy, in the town of San Giorgio a Cremano which is located in the foothills west of Mount Vesuvius in Naples Italy.

Isaacs is a member of the Writers Guild of America and Canada, SAG-AFTRA , The Producers Guild of America and The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Coming to Theaters and Streaming Fall 2022

Isaacs announces his newest collaboration with Annalaura di Luggo.

“We Are Art”

In our new documentary we follow Annalaura as she undertakes her most artistic creative challenge, “Colloculi”, an immersive, multimedia interactive art installation created to stimulate a spiritual awareness of the value of every human being… no matter who they are or what misfortune they may have faced in life.

The artwork was constructed in the shape of a Giant Eye made of recycled aluminum, recycling symbolizing environmental rebirth.

We Are Art was filmed on location in Naples Italy and documents the creative process which began with Annalaura interviewing dozens of young adults who shared their personal accounts about how they overcame adversities such as bullying, racial discrimination, blindness, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual discrimination and crime.

Once Annalaura chose the final 4 protagonists their intimate revelations were transformed through Annalaura’s artistic interpretation by blending their stories with the language of photography, digital video art, sound design, sensory interaction and experimental cinema.

The completed narrative was then integrated into the Giant Eye and is projected through the Pupil allowing the viewer in the gallery, through virtual technology, to actually interact and become part of the installation.

Thus, with each individual viewing “Colloculi” undergoes transformation as the artist, the art and its protagonists and the viewer become one… We Are Art.

Isaacs and di Luggo previously colaborated on “Naploi Eden”.

The Environmental “Rebirth” in ‘Napoli Eden’: ‘THR Presents’ Q&A With Star Annalaura di Luggo and Consultant Stanley Isaacs

Di Luggo says the documentary highlights environmental and social issues that must be addressed in a post-pandemic world.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Kirsten Chuba sat down with star and producer Annalaura di Luggo and creative consultant Stanley Isaacs to discuss their documentary Napoli Eden in a THR Presents Q&A powered by Vision Media.

During the half-hour chat, di Luggo and Isaacs described how they made the unconventional film — which at times feels more like a scripted feature than a traditional documentary — and its impact on starting conversations about sustainability in pre-pandemic Italy.

Napoli Eden follows di Luggo as she takes on her latest art project, four works constructed from recycled aluminum that she places in symbolic locations throughout her native Naples. While aiming to highlight sustainability and environmental protection, the multimedia artist also enlists underprivileged youth from Naples’ Spanish Quarters to help build her projects, with an emphasis on social inclusion and giving the teens a new perspective on life.

“We were working toward the same direction to create something that had to mean change, for Naples but for the total world, pointing attention on the environment,” she says. “Recycling and giving the sense of something that goes from raw materials to a work of art, it’s a very big transformation that everybody can have.”

Shot before the coronavirus pandemic ravaged Italy, along with the rest of the world, the film serves as both a time capsule and a reminder to the importance of taking care of the planet and its people.

“This situation gave us the chance to have this documentary enlightened because maybe now more than before we do need a rebirth,” says di Luggo. “We do need to understand the essential things of the world, and we do need the environmental safeguards and the social inclusion that are the most important things to create a healthy society and a healthy world.”

The worldwide shutdown also meant that Isaacs, a longtime friend and di Luggo collaborator, edited the film from Miami while the artist remained in Italy, the two sharing cuts and notes via phone and email. The “love letter to the city of Naples,” as Isaacs calls it, differed from the typical documentary style he’d worked on of using mostly sit-down interviews and archival footage.

“This is a hybrid. It’s a true documentary because everything that happened, happened. The beauty of it is the characters in the story are so vibrant that it seems like a dramatic piece,” he says. “These are the real personalities, these are the real people. This is how they behave every single day. And part of it is the energy of the city of Naples, there’s a magical quality to that marvelous city that brings out so much joy and wonderment.”


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