Novelist and actress Casey DeFranco’s emotionally charged drama explores the thin line between genius and  insanity as,  Adam, a young Marine just back from Afghanistan grapples with the horrors of war that have made him unable to withstand emotional connections. Plagued by his nightmares, Adam goes in search of his father, David… a father he’s never known… a father who abandoned him at birth. A world-renowned ephemeral artist, David, lives his life on the razor’s edge, at the foot of an active volcano… obsessed with his newest project. On his quest Adam meets Isabel, a young woman who embraces life with enthusiasm and bravery. Isabel assaults the walls Adam has put up to protect himself and refuses to let his scars define their budding relationship… a relationship that is stretched too the limits when Adam confronts his father and discovers that David is as emotionally disconnected from humanity as he is.



“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”…
Mahatma Gandhi

Thirty years ago, Mikhail Heller, the world’s greatest magician, was committed to a mental institution after an illusion he was performing on live television resulted in the death of his beloved wife, Raquel. The doctors having determined Mikhail is “no longer a threat to anyone” and have released him from the asylum, but Mikhail
is still a prisoner to his undying love for Raquel. When Eric Glass, a teenager whose mother is dying, meets Mikhail, the two find they have a common bond: the need to communicate with the world of the dead. Eric’s thirst to unlock Mikhail’s mastery of magic and the black arts and Mikhail’s obsession to be reunited with Raquel results in the release of forces that should not be tampered with. A mystical thriller, Magic Man is in the tradition of such classics as Ghost, Poltergeist and The Sixth Sense.



Thomas, his hands scarred by burns, his face etched with sorrow, stands on the edge of an abyss overlooking Grand Lake… Seeing none of the beauty below him. Kathleen, at her house in the city, empties the contents of her husband’s closet, disposing of memories. Kathleen’s son, Josh, a teen-age piano protégé, cries out in his sleep, trapped in relentless nightmares caused by his father’s suicide… He has rejected his future as a classical pianist and is filled with rage and grief. In an attempt to find peace from the unendurable, Kathleen takes her emotionally troubled son and retreats to a cabin on Grand Lake. Thomas, engaged in his own struggle for courage and absolution, has withdrawn into isolation and is angered by Josh and Kathleen’s intrusion into his “world”. When Josh discovers the truth about Thomas and his past, emotions are brought to the breaking point. With their love of music being their common language, Thomas, Kathleen and Josh forge a fragile bond in an attempt to find their way back from their shattered lives.



Based on the best selling novel by Ralph Smith, Seal of the King is an action adventure in the vein of Hunger Games, infused with spiritual values. David and Aurora live in parallel universes but have seen visions of each other their entire lives. Aurora is a fierce warrior living in a medieval land at war with an evil army, ruled by The Dark One… Aurora has been a constant source of frustration for the enemy and has spent her life hunting and being hunted by them. David lives alone on his parent’s farm, in present day America. As a child his parents were in a fiery car crash which left his father in a vegetative state, while his mother was believed to be consumed in the flames. David’s vulnerability and his search for spiritual guidance will be put to the ultimate test when the two worlds collide and destiny and forces beyond their control unite Aurora and David in a struggle for the very soul of humanity.