Stanley Isaacs has been a Motion Picture and Television industry professional since 1979. Isaacs has overseen multi-million-dollar budgets and spearheaded staffs in excess of eighty-five people. He has written, produced, and directed a wide range of film and television projects for Columbia Pictures, Rastar Films, Touchstone Pictures, Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, Crown Media/ Hallmark, NBC, The Kushner-Locke Company, Le Monde Entertainment, F.W.E., SyFy Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, Overbrook Entertainment, and Annyidi Productions.

In 1984 the CEO of David Shapira and Associates recruited Isaacs in to head the entertainment agencies newly formed Literary Department. In that position, Isaacs scouted and recruited new clients and worked in close liaison with studios and production companies in selling and negotiating client deals. Isaacs held the title of Head of Literary until returning to writing and producing in late 1986.

After co-writing and producing the motion picture, “Last Gasp” in 1994, Isaacs formed an independent production company, 360 entertainment in 1995 with the films star, Robert Patrick, and director, Scott McGinnis.

Isaacs served as the company’s CFO. The partnership created, developed, and produced two films: “Ravager” and “Within the Rock”, both of which had World Premier’s on the SyFy Channel, before the company dissolved in December 1999.

Isaacs formed 100% Entertainment, LLC., an independent production/ development company, working with producers and writers, the company initiated, developed, and produced numerous film and television projects, including one of the first giant shark movies, “Megalodon” in 2003.

In 2004 Isaacs moved behind the camera to direct the motion picture “Raptor Island”, a film co-written and produced by Isaacs for SyFy Pictures, which had its World Premiere that same year on the SyFy Channel.

In August 2010 Isaacs was recruited by Chairman and CEO Scott Rosenberg of Platinum Studios to oversee the acceleration and development of the company’s intellectual graphic novel library into television and motion picture properties, he served in that capacity until May 2011.

In 2013, Isaacs and 100% Entertainment produced the multi-Award-winning documentary “Tough Ain’t Enough: Conversations with Albert S. Ruddy”. In 2015, the success of “Tough Ain’t Enough” led Isaacs to create The Film History Preservation Project, a documentary series with a commitment to preserving cinema history by enshrining priceless stories, and insights from legendary producers, that will be studied and appreciated for generations by film buffs, fans, students, preservationists and historians around the World.

In 2016 Isaacs produced and directed the first documentary in that series, “It’s Always About the Story: Conversations with Alan Ladd, Jr.” with special friends, Jay Kanter, Michael Gruskoff, and Mel Brooks and in 2017 Isaacs produced and directed the second in the series, “Sometimes Lucky Is More Important Than Smart: Conversations with Mace Neufeld” with special guest star Harrison Ford.

It’s Always About the Story” began screening at film festivals April 2016 and has won numerous awards for Best Documentary and Best Director. The film had its World broadcast premiere on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) in December of 2017.

In addition to his ongoing development of several new documentaries and feature film projects, Isaacs has been serving as “Honorary President” of the “Film Theatre Academy”, located in San Giorgio a Cremano, Naples Italy since 2021 and in 2023 he was named, “Executive Director of Emerald Studios & Production” by Sid Weinstein, CEO and Founder of Emerald City USA. 


Albert S. Ruddy - Academy Award winning producer of “The Godfather” and “Million Dollar Baby”

“I have known Stanley Isaacs for a number of years. He is creative, understands story and budgets, as well as contributing to the group to get things done. I strongly recommend him.”


Reginald Hudlin - President at Hudlin Entertainment, Academy Award Nominee, and Producer of the 2015 Academy Awards Show

“Stanley is smart, hardworking, well connected, inventive and a pleasure to work with.”


Peter Saphier - Former VP of Production for Universal Studios, President of Prelude Pictures, Ex. Producer of “Scarface”

“Stanley and I have known one another for decades, and ironically very recently we started our first producing collaboration. He is a tireless, very enterprising partner with a wealth of ideas, which has energized me as well. I wish we had embarked on this years ago!”


Annalaura di Luggo - Award Winning Multi-Media Artist and Fimmaker

“I have known Stanley since 2017 and since our first meeting I was struck by his professional talent combined with his great humanity. We have shared the desire to promote projects based on social inclusion and we discuss each new initiative and each new idea for the desire to continue collaborating. I appreciate Stanley for his clarity of thought, his ability to always go straight to the target, to lead the production team and for his self-control in stressful situations.”


Mark Goldblatt - Director at Kronos Prods Inc., Academy Award Nominated Film Editor

“Stanley Isaacs is a multi-talented film maker. He’s an astute producer, writer, and facilitator able to draw upon his vast contacts and knowledge of the motion picture business. An extremely innovative and creative collaborator, Stanley is a pleasure to work with.”


Marla Rivera - Senior Grant Administrator

“I have volunteered and researched with Stanley on different projects. His abilities to see vision and need are wonderful. Ever resourceful, I think anyone having the opportunity to work alongside Stanley, will find the experience gratifying.”



Our New Documentary from the Film History Preservation Project.

“Mel Brooks: Seriously… Well, Almost”

Mel Brooks, the legendary producer-writer-director-actor-composer-lyricist, whose career spans over seven decades and as of 2023 is one of only 23 entertainers that are members of the elite EGOT club... the “Grand Slam” of show business, its members having won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards.

Joining Mel on this entertaining and candid look behind the scenes of his fabled career are two his long-time friends and collaborators Award-winning producers Alan Ladd, Jr. and Michael Gruskoff.

Brimming with evocative clips and nostalgic moments, “Mel Brooks: Seriously... Well, Almost” will put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye.

Some Friends I’ve Met Along the Way

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Mel Brooks

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